Wow, is it true? You really managed to do your laundry today? You fucking rockstar.

Is doing laundry a task any one person can accomplish? You must be superhuman. Seriously. Were you the product of secret governmental experiments? Could it be that we've finally started engineering beings which transcend humanity?

And how about you, over there?

Paying bills? I thought that I, as an adult, would be able to relate in some way to my peers. No, I can't hold a candle to these superheroes. Paying bills is something that your parents are supposed to do, not you! But look at you: you're bucking the trend and actually doing it yourself!

Really, though. What is the purpose in posting this? I can think of two reasons. Let's break them down:

Commiseration. You find the minutiae of adult life difficult, frustrating, or unenjoyable, and you're looking for a connection. If just somebody knew what this was like, you could relate to them and feel better about your life.

Validation. What you're doing is really hard! Not everyone is capable of putting shirts in a machine and pressing "wash," or setting up auto-pay once every 4 years on the internet. You'd like some other people to acknowledge how well you're doing at living, and maybe just brag a little.

Here's why this is stupid: Every fucking adult being that lives with a modicum of independence in every country on the face of the planet does what you're doing. Of course they know what it's like. Everyone does their laundry; everyone pays their bills. If they can't do their laundry or pay their bills for some reason, that means they're living way harder than you are, and they don't care about you.

Nobody should be commiserating with you because you're the kind of person that has so much time that they can broadcast mundane details to a worldwide audience. Congratulations, you bought a cucumber at the grocery store. Thanks for letting the world know.

Oh wait, you can't even do that right.

The only people that should be impressed by the fact that you're doing small, simple shit to maintain your adult life are literal children. Your potential audience in any social media situation are your friends (who don't care that you've paid your bills) or the faceless mob (who don't care that you've paid your bills and how DARE you assume that I can pay my bills you fucking nazi).

In conclusion: you have a simple life and you want pats on the back for doing the basic, simple shit that nearly every single one of your peers does on a daily basis. Congratulations on doing the bare minimum to survive.

Oh wait, I thought of one more reason why people might post this sort of thing on social media:

You're an idiot who thinks that anyone on the planet cares about the fact that you did your fucking laundry.